Accepted Papers in BR&A 2013 Workshop


Number of accepted papers: 10

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Paper Title

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BR&A 1

A New Method of Designing  High-power Electroplating Power Supply


BR&A 2

The study of fusion image block and Sparse Representation Classification in disguised face recognition


BR&A 3

SMT Components Model Inspection Based on Characters Image Matching and Verification


BR&A 4

The Manipulation of Chaotic  synchronization quality Based on VCSEL with Optical feedback


BR&A 5

Fast Wavelet Thresholding Algorithms for Face Image Inpainting



BR&A 6

Multispectral Palmprint Recognition Using Score-Level Fusion



BR&A 7

Encryption Node Design in Internet of Things Based on Fingerprint Features and CC2530


BR&A 8

Multimodal Biometric Recognition Based on Image Latent Semantic Analysis and Extreme Learning Machine


BR&A 9

Facial Expression Recognition Based on Local Binary Pattern and Gradient Directional Pattern


BR&A 10

Design of  Intelligent Inducing Switch