Accepted Papers (abstracts) in IoT/CPS Demo and Exhibition


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Number of accepted papers (abstracts): 5

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Demo 1

Mo-Fi: Discovering Human Presence Activity with Smartphones Using Non-intrusive Wi-Fi Monitors


Demo 2

Towards a Pervasive Cloud Computing based Food Image Recognition


Demo 3

Wireless IoT Platform Based on SDR Technology


Demo 4

Join the Workshop Better with Telepresence Capturer


Demo 5

InSciTe Adaptive: R&D Decision Support System for Strategic Foresight














Dear Authors,


Thank you for your demo submission entitled “demo title” to the IoT/CPS Demo and Exhibition of the World Cybermatics Congress 2013 (iThings, CPSCom and GreenCom).  We are glad to inform you that your demo submission has been accepted.  Please pay attention to the following notes below for registration and submission of your demo. 


1. All accepted Demo and Exhibition abstracts should submit an up to 2 pages paper of the demonstration/exhibition in the IEEE CS format (


  2. All accepted Demo and Exhibition papers (abstracts) should be registered, so that the accepted papers (abstracts) can be included in the conference proceeding.


The registration process includes the following TWO STEPs:


STEP I: The same with the STEP I in registration process for Workshops. Please refer to


STEP II: Complete the registration and payment.

The same with STEP II in the registration process for Workshop. NOTE that if you already have a paper registered with CPSCom (ie. a workshop paper and/or conference paper), there is no need to pay again.