Accepted Papers in the Symposium of the Frontiers of Internet of Things


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Number of accepted papers: 54

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SymIoT 103

Frequent Itemset based Event Detection in Uncertain Sensor Networks


SymIoT 108

Research on Dynamic Load Balancing in Cloud Computing


SymIoT 111

Improved RETE Algorithm in Context Reasoning for Web of Things Environments


SymIoT 116

Ultra-low-power neural recording microsystem for implantable brain machine interface


SymIoT 118

From Internet of Things to Internet of Agents



SymIoT 124

Using Kasa method to Separate Target's RCS Characters from Background in Electromagnetic Sensing within Anechoic Chamber Measurement


SymIoT 125

Research on IPv6 Address Forecast Model of Smart Grid



SymIoT 127

Relay node deployment based small world effect in hierarchical industrial wireless sensor networks


SymIoT 130

A New Method to Effectively Identify the Lane Boundary with FMCW Radar


SymIoT 139

Smart Home: Integrating Internet of Things with Web Services and Cloud Computing


SymIoT 141

The Study of a Dual-channel Automotive Supply Chain Based on Internet of Things


SymIoT 143

A Development Analysis of China's Intelligent Transportation System


SymIoT 146

An Anti-collision Algorithm Using Tag Random-dispersing for RFID Systems


SymIoT 147

Pairing and Authentication Security Technologies in Low-Power Bluetooth


SymIoT 151

An Advanced AOI-cast algorithm based on PCA



SymIoT 153

An attribute-based encryption scheme with constant-size ciphertexts


SymIoT 155

Internet of things-enabled real-time process quality control & diagnosis at manufacturing workshop


SymIoT 158

Synthetic evaluation of the trustworthiness of integrated monitoring & controlling system for LED display based on Fuzzy AHP


SymIoT 162

Improvement of Peach Platform to support GUI-based Protocol State Modeling


SymIoT 165

Experiments Teaching Research on Internet of Things Engineering


SymIoT 168

A Space-Time with Weight Algorithm for RFID Data Interpolation


SymIoT 170

Game Analysis Problem for Workload Factoring in Federation of Clouds


SymIoT 172

Study on Acquisition System of Diversification Heartbeat Information based on Body Sensor Network


SymIoT 174

Towards an Equitable Federated Name Service for the Internet of Things


SymIoT 175

A Cross-Layer AODV Routing Algorithm Based Two-hop Neighborhood Information


SymIoT 180

Double Nested Internet of Things for Intelligent Management of Police Equipment


SymIoT 183

A Personalized Recommendation Method based on Tag Clustering in Social Network


SymIoT 188

An Universal Object Name Resolution Scheme for IoT



SymIoT 190

The New Intelligent Prediction for Bus Congestion Based on History Information Processing


SymIoT 192

Design and Simulation of Contention Based Random Access Procedure in TD-LTE System


SymIoT 197

Construction and Strategies in IoT Security System



SymIoT 198

Outage Analysis of cognitive two-way relaying Network with Physical-Layer Network Coding in Nakagami-m Fading Channels


SymIoT 199

An improved virtual force-directed particle swarm optimization


SymIoT 203

Fuzzy Double-Threshold Track Association Algorithm with Adaptive Threshold in Distributed Multisensor-Multitarget Tracking Systems


SymIoT 205

Internet of Things Application in ITS field



SymIoT 215

RFID-based precast concrete element production intelligent management system design and implementation


SymIoT 217

Data Management for Internet of Things: Challenges, Approaches and Opportunities


SymIoT 218

Residential Energy Management in Smart Grid: A Markov Decision Process-Based Approach


SymIoT 220

Facial Expression Recognition Based on Local Binary Pattern and Gradient Directional Pattern


SymIoT 226

An Approach For Extrapolating Far Field Radar Cross-Section From Near Field Measurement


SymIoT 227

A Space-Time with Weight Algorithm for RFID Data Interpolating


SymIoT 230

Integration of Smart Sensor Networks into Internet of Things: Challenges and Applications


SymIoT 236

Integrating Context-awareness and Trustworthiness in IoT Descriptions


SymIoT 237

Building Smart M2M Applications Using the WuKong Profile Framework


SymIoT 239

A Human Trajectory Estimate Based on Individual Mobility Pattern Library


SymIoT 244

the Research on Monitoring of Discrete Manufacturing Process Based on Internet of Things


SymIoT 252

Multimodal Biometric Recogntion Based on Image Latent Semantic Analysis and Extreme Learning Machine


SymIoT 254

Research on the Framework of Internet of Things in Manufacturing for Aircraft Large Components Assembly Site


SymIoT 255

Technical State Monitoring and Evaluation of Aerospace Product Manufacturing Workshop Based on Internet of Things


SymIoT 262

Temperature Distribution Recovery Based on Compressive Sensing for Large-Scale Wireless Sensor Networks


SymIoT 263

Study and Implement of Baseline Management Based on Windchill


SymIoT 265

Linear Coding Scheme for Indoor Localization of Heterogeneous Wireless Devices


SymIoT 268

Interoperability Repository System for IoT



SymIoT 272

Discussion on Key technologies in Forestry Fundamental Scientific Information Cloud Svervice Platform