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Video 1



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Vision System


Video 3




Video ID: Video 1

Video Title: 智能腕表

Video Author: Wenlong Yao

Organization: Central Academy of Fine Arts


Work Introduction:


Video ID: Video 2

Video Title: Vision System

Video Author: Zuowei Wang

Organization: Central Academy of Fine Arts


Work Introduction: 

"Vision System"是对未来510年内汽车本身功能的构想以及与其他设备功能上的整合。目前社会发展的趋势就是一个整合的趋势,注重简创意,所以我构想汽车风挡玻璃为一个显示器,在充分考虑驾车安全性的基础上,利用风挡玻璃来提高人们驾车时遇到的一些难题。"vision system"列举了5个主要基本功能进行创意。


Video ID: Video 3

Video Title: I,Human

Video Author: Haiming Hu

Organization: Central Academy of Fine Arts


Work Introduction:



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1. Please make sure that if your video is in Chinese, it has English subtitles so that the audience can understand when watching it.

2. Please submit a final version of your video to before August 1, 2013 so that we can show it during the conference. 

3. Your video will be entered into the video contest and we will announce the winner of the video contest at the conference dinner. 

4. If you do not have a conference paper, Symposium paper, demo paper or workshop paper at the conference, then you need to register for the conference at  If you do, there is no need for you to register again.   


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