Accepted Papers in e-WiSe 2013 Workshop


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e-WiSe 1

Design Optimization of Electromagnetic MEMS EnergyHarvesterwith Serpentine Coil


e-WiSe 2

Experimentalstudy of a passive impedancematching interface based on a centimeter-size high inductance coil for practicallyenhancedpiezoelectricenergyharvester performance atlowfrequency


e-WiSe 3

SPICE Modeling of PiezoelectricEnergyHarvestingDeviceutilizing Stress Influence


e-WiSe 4

Energy Harvesting Powered Wireless Sensing Systems Challenges


e-WiSe 5

On-chip Micro Surpercapacitors for Energy Storage


e-WiSe 6

Inkjet-Printed Nanotechnology-enabled "Zero-Power" Wireless Sensor Nodes For Internet of Things/M2M


e-WiSe 7

Towardsenergyautonomy of wirelesssensors in aeronautics applications: SMARTER collaborative project